Supercommittee Member Dave Camp's 3rd Quarter Fundraising

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Supercommittee member Dave Camp (R-Mich) has filed his third quarter fundraising numbers. While this isn’t a full analysis, here are some things that stuck out.

  1. It looks like Camp held a fundraiser in Las Vegas on Monday, September 12th at Wynn Resorts.  He received $15,750 in donations of $200 or more on September 12th from donors and PACs in Nevada, including from several Wynn Resorts casino executives. He also received over $6,200 in “in-kind contributions” from the casino for "catering for event."  Do casino interests have business before the supercommittee? While maybe not directly related, online gambling may definitely be an issue.
  2. Camp received at least $85,525 in donations of $200 or more from individuals who list their occupation as president, CEO, chairman, COO, or CFO.
  3. Less than one-half of one percent of Camp’s third quarter donations--or $3,040--of the $704,847.35 he raised were in donations of $200 or less.
  4. Less than 7%, or $45,970, of Camp’s itemized third quarter donations came from his home state of Michigan. About one-third of those donations were from political action committees (PACs).
  5. Camp received $457,795 from PACs in the third quarter, including donations from energy, defense, health finance, and technology—all with business before the supercommittee. Notable donors include the American Bankers Association PAC, Koch PAC, Merck PAC, Halliburton PAC, Occidental Petroleum PAC, Lockheed Martin PAC, Honeywell International PAC, TD Ameritrade PAC, AT&T PAC, and Pricewaterhouse/Coopers PAC.

Dave Camp said he wasn’t going to schedule additional fundraisers while serving on the supercommittee. That’s good but there is still plenty of money coming in. The CEOs making these donations get access to Camp that everyday people just don’t have.

We’ll be posting analysis of supercommittee filings throughout the weekend. Stay tuned. If you see anything interesting in the filings, post it in the comments below!