Kerry Keeps His Word

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A man of his word. The third quarter fundraising totals for members of Congress have been released, and records show that supercommittee member, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) has kept his pledge to give up fundraising for himself while the deficit commission conducts its work.

Public Campaign issued a statement praising Sen. Kerry for keeping his pledge.

From the statement: “John Kerry deserves praise and appreciation for doing what is often pledged but rarely done in Washington, D.C. – he placed doing his job ahead of raising money to keep his job,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director of Public Campaign. “While we will continue to hold the supercommittee members accountable in the coming weeks, we know that at least Sen. Kerry has taken the initial positive step in insulating himself from the undue influence of campaign contributions.”

More members of the supercommittee should follow the example being set by Sen. Kerry. While some members have curtailed their fundraising during the supercommittee deliberations, others continue to rake in campaign cash, leaving us to wonder who they'll look out for when finding cuts, ordinary Americansor their big money donors.