Congressman Goes to Bat for Medical Devices Industry, Reaps the Rewards

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The New York Times reports today on a relatively obscure member of Congress, Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.), who pushed the House Oversite Committee to rein in the approval process for new medical devices. Why was he so adamant about streamlining this process? His campaign bank account might just have the answer.

From the New York Times story: "Over the following month, Mr. Paulsen’s campaign committee took in $74,000 from people with a stake in device regulation, much of it from executives affiliated with venture capital funds and their spouses. Now Mr. Paulsen, a two-term Republican, is a sponsor of a bill that would make it easier to bring new medical products to market."

Rep. Paulsen, who is sponsoring the legislation aimed at weakening this regulation, doesn't seem concerned with what affect an expedited approval process might have on the health and safety of Americans. It seems he was most concerned with reaping the campaign cash rewards that came along with his work on the industry's behalf.

A member of Congress putting their campaign war chest ahead of ordinary Americans? Nooooooo...