Cantor Gets "Mic Checked" in Houston, Occupy Style

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Last Thursday, at a speech at Rice University in Houston, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) was shouted down by protesters who called him out for doing the bidding of Wall Street and his billionaire campaign donors.The protesters acted in solidarity with Occupy Houston, one of the many places around the country where the Occupy movement has sprouted up.

Check out the video:


As we've noted many times in this blog, Cantor is a Wall Street darling, who has been a recipient of a huge amounts of campaign cash from the financial sector. He's also repeatedly stood up for his Wall Street donors, making it clear he stands with the 1%, and not the 99%, who continue to struggle in a rough economy. The protesters at Cantor's speech sent a strong message on behalf of the Occupy movement, and Public Campaign Action Fund is doing the same by occupying democracy.