How Many More Times Does This Have to Happen, New York?

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Deja vu, anyone? Yet another in a long line of scandals has hit the New York State Assembly. This time it's Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. (again), who allegedly collected a $3,800 bribe from an undercover FBI agent at a fundraiser in Brooklyn, according to New York Capitol News.

You can just about mark your calendar for this kind of thing in New York. Earlier this year, Boyland was joined by Sen. Carl Kruger (D) on yet another corruption charge. This kind of blatant corruption is all-too-common in New York, and serves as another reminder that it's time for the state legislature to act to clean up their government. Advocates continue to push for Voter Owned Elections for state legislative offices, and next year will be no different. And from the good timing department, The Buffalo News came out in favor of public financing of elections (or Voter Owned Elections) in this editorial

Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund continue to work closely with allies on the ground, like Citizen Action of New York, to end the culture of corruption in Albany. The people of New York deserve a state government that works for them, not for pay-to-play deals and overt acts of corruption. Hopefully this straw will be the last.