We're Coming for You, Colbert!

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Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) announced today that in response to news that Stephen Colbert has relinquished control of his super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, to Jon Stewart, and has set up an exploratory committee to run for President of the United States of South Carolina, the watchdog group has sought legal assistance to explore creating an exploratory super PAC of its own to oppose Stephen Colbert’s exploratory committee.

From the PCAF press release:

The organization is also exploring what presidential candidate Mitt Romney called 'creative destruction' as a way to finance attack ads through its exploratory Super PAC. One such plan includes approaching Bain Capital to use their expertise in finding the capital to fund a negative campaign against Colbert’s exploration of running for President.

“We intend to approach Bain Capital and first seek their assistance in investing heavily in Stephen Colb… umm, Jon Stewart’s super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, said David Donnelly, national campaigns director of the nonpartisan group. Then, we want Bain to do to Stewart’s super PAC whatever it did to all those companies. We want to follow the lead of Mitt Romney and Bain and suck all the money out of it. Then, we will use the money to fund attack ads against Colbert. We’re calling our approach to fundraising ‘vulture democracy.’"

Listen for the bell, Colbert, it tolls for thee!