PRESS RELEASE: Watchdog Applauds Warren-Brown Outside Money Agreement

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In a press release this morning, Public Campaign Action Fund praised the agreement reached by Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidates Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, and urged that the agreement become a model for other races around the country.

From the release: “This agreement by the Senate candidates in Massachusetts is innovative and should serve as a model for other races around the country. If it can be enforced effectively, we hope it becomes widely adopted in this election cycle,” said David Donnelly, the group’s national campaigns director. “As an extra incentive against organizations breaking this agreement, perhaps the Senate candidates can also agree to both donate to a cause that the big special interests particularly don’t like: charitable organizations working to clean up big special interest money in politics.”

This is good move for the candidates, but much more needs to be done to lessen the influence of big money in politics. Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren should be applauded for their agreement. They should also take it a step further and pledge to address this issue if elected.