SIREN Strategy Memo: Response to Crossroads GPS

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To: Interested Parties Who Might Read Crossroads GPS Memo
From: David Donnelly, Public Campaign Action Fund
Date: February 1, 2012
RE: Up is down, 1% is 99%: Crossroads and Karl Rove are against crony corruption.

The big donors who funded George W. Bush’s political career and his chief strategist have lost touch with reality. These millionaire fatcats and Karl Rove, through Crossroads GPS, are launching a minor national TV buy to criticize “an economic ecosystem where participants are rewarded not for what they know, but for who they know; a lucrative spoils system.” In a memo, they call Washington “a financially hollow economy” built on “business deals pushed by political donors and lobbyists.”

Wow. Those statements could have been written by Occupy Wall Street. Or perhaps Sheldon Adelson’s ad-maker.

But Karl Rove's group? And funded by these donors? Puh-leeze.

With their record of lining the pockets of every oil and coal company known to humankind, handing massive profits to Big Pharma, losing billions in contracts with Halliburton in Iraq, and pushing for deregulation of Wall Street, a charitable read would say they know of what they speak. But given they’re not a charity, but a political organization bent spending big money to defeat candidates, I’m not in a charitable mood. And neither should reporters be when they write – if they write – about this ad.

In fact, any reporter who covers this ad who doesn’t begin his or her story with some version of the following paragraph sullies the reputation of the Fourth Estate:

In an hypocritical twist that would make pretzel-makers everywhere blanch, Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, backed by million-dollar donors, is trying to shift the political debate to an area they have intimate knowledge: the influence economy in Washington.

If this is where Mr. Rove would like to take the debate this year, we at Public Campaign Action Fund say, “Bring it on.” It’s actually a debate that America is long overdue to have.