President Obama Reaches 100th Fundraiser Mark

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CBS News reports today that in New York City tonight, President Obama will reach his 100th fundraiser of the cycle.

From the article:

"By day's end, President Obama will hit 100 on the campaign fundraising scoreboard. He reaches the century mark by doing four money-raising events for his re-election campaign during a seven-hour swing through New York City. The visit follows a speech this afternoon here in Nashua, New Hampshire on the energy components of his strategy to boost the economy and create jobs.

"It has taken Mr. Obama less than a year to do a hundred re-election fund-raisers since he officially filed his candidacy for a second term with the Federal Election Commission on April 4, 2011."

CBS’s Mark Knoller noted on Twitter that, “At the same period of his presidency,[President George W. Bush] had done 49 fund-raisers for his re-election campaign.”

As the cost of running for office continues to rise, we’re going to see more and more time spent raising money—from the president all the way down to Congress.