We shouldn't be making it harder to vote.

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The U.S. Department of Justice blocked a Texas voter ID law today that would, as the DOJ noted, disproportionaly impact Hispanic voters.

Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly said in a statement:

“In a political era defined by elections of, by, and for the funders, today’s action by the Department of Justice is a critical step to ensure that Americans can exercise their right to vote. One of the important steps we can take right now to blunt the impact of big money is to encourage more participation in the political process.

"While we need new laws to address our broken system, we also know that existing laws, like Texas', dissuade Americans from participating in elections. We should be encouraging more people to vote, not making it harder. "

At Public Campaign Action Fund, we believe we need a democracy that works for all of us, not just big money donors or wealthy special interests. That's why we oppose efforts like those in Texas to make it harder for regular people to vote--because attacks on voting rights and on common sense campaign finance regulations all serve the same purpose of empowering the elite at the expense of everyday people.