CEO of Closed Factory Mitt Romney Visited Is a Donor to His Campaign

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited an Ohio factory today, closed before President Obama took office, to criticize the president’s economic policies. The National Gypsum Company, a leading drywall manufacturer, owned the factory. Romney visited another closed Gypsum factory a few months ago in Tampa.

He did not mention in today speech, though, that Gypsum CEO Thomas Nelson has donated $4,800 to Romney’s two presidential campaigns--$2,300 in 2008 and $2,500 last June.

In fact, Nelson is a major Republican donor, having given at least $96,600 to Republican federal candidates and committees since 2007, according to our analysis of data downloaded from the Sunlight Foundation. Aside from Romney and a dozen or so donations to candidates, Nelson made a $30,800 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee last October and $25,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2007.

He could still donate $2,500 to Romney's general election campaign, and, of course, whatever he wants to his super PAC.