How To Beat Citizens United

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The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne has an op-ed today on fighting big money influence in our elections post-Citizens Uinted. He looks to the Fair Elections campaign that is underway in New York state that could bring public financing to state legislative races.

From the op-ed: "The New York reform does not limit anyone’s capacity to participate. It creates incentives for more people to participate. It does not reduce the amount of political speech. It expands the number of people speaking through their contributions. It does not protect incumbents. On the contrary, it opens the way for candidates who might otherwise be driven from the competition by established politicians with access to traditional funding sources. In short, it makes our democracy democratic again."

The Fair Elections campaign in New York has been making headlines, not only all over the state, but also in national media outlets. As Dionne notes, this reform would have reverberations all overt he country, and give momentum to efforts in other states, as well as at the national level. If Fair Elections is passed in New York, it would be the first major reform after the Citizens United decision. It would not only empower voters, but also continue to build momentum for the movement to fight big money influence in our democracy.