Romney super PAC donor: Income inequality shows our "economy is working"

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A $1 million donor to the super PAC backing presidential candidate Mitt Romney is writing a book that “aggressively argues that the enormous and growing income inequality in the United States is not a sign that the system is rigged. On the contrary, Conard writes, it is a sign that our economy is working. And if we had a little more of it, then everyone, particularly the 99 percent, would be better off."

The donor, Ed Conard, also "advocates creating a new government program that guarantees to bail out the banks if they ever face another run."

The $1 million donation makes the former Bain Capital executive one of the top donors to the Romney super PAC. He has also given $2,500 to Romney’s campaign this year, $2,300 to his 2008 campaign, and $15,000 in the 2010 cycle to Romney’s federal Free & Strong America PAC. Added together, Conard has given $1,019,800 to Romney’s campaigns and aligned committees over the years, according to analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics. Conard was also a co-host for a New York City fundraiser for Romney in January.

The article states that one of Romney’s chief economics advisors Glenn Hubbard, “takes his ideas seriously” and that “at a broad level, Romney and Conard share ‘beliefs about innovation and growth and responsible risk-taking.’”

With Conard being one of Romney’s top donors, attending fundraisers, and Hubbard “taking his ideas seriously,” it’s fair to ask what kind of influence he’ll have in the policy-making process. Does Romney agree with Conard that income inequality is a good thing? Since Romney has said that income inequality should be talked about in “quiet rooms” and that he's "not concerned with the very poor," one might think he does.