25 Lobbyists Have Bundled Over $3 Million for Romney's Campaign

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Four lobbyists bundled $130,260 in contributions for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in April, bringing to $3 million the contributions that registered lobbyists have bundled for the Romney campaign, according to Public Campaign Action Fund analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports.

The lobbyists bundling contributions for Romney in April include:

  • Cathleen Tripodi, a lobbyist with Faegre BD Consulting, who bundled $27,000 for Romney in April. Tripodi is a lobbyist for Abound Solar, which has faced Congressional criticism over a Department of Energy loan guarantee.
  • Dirk Dan Dongen, a lobbyist with the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors, who bundled $44,255 in contributions in April. He has bundled $66,755 in contributions for Romney this cycle.
  • Christopher Bravavos, a lobbyist with the Bravo Group, bundled $30,305 for Romney in April.
  • Abigail Blunt, with Kraft Foods, bundled $28,700 for Romney in April.

Overall, 25 lobbyists have now bundled $3,088,151 for Romney’s presidential campaign. Two of these lobbyists have reached the “Stars Level” of bundlers and one has reached “Stripes,” ensuring them special access to Romney and the campaign.

The full list of those lobbyists, and their total bundled contributions, is below.

While the Obama campaign has provided its list of campaign bundlers, the Romney campaign has failed to do so. Disclose of lobbyist bundlers is required by law. President Obama’s campaign does not have any bundlers serving as registered lobbyists.