Supreme Court Set to Consider Montana Campaign Finance Case

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Scotusblog reports that the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the American Tradition Partnership, et al., v. Bullock case on June 14th.

From Scotusblog: "The Court will be considering a request to overturn, without briefing or argument, a Montana Supreme Court ruling that upheld a state law curbing the campaign spending of corporations in that state — a ruling that is said to conflict directly with the Justices’ 2010 ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, allowing such spending. If the Justices choose not to reverse that state decision summarily, they are likely to grant review and put the case over to the new Term starting October 1, with a decision likely after this year’s election. The state court ruling, in the meantime, is on hold, thus allowing corporations to spend freely in Montana in this year’s election cycle."

The Roberts Court, with it's Citizens United ruling, took the side of adding more big money influence in our elections. And we'll be watching closely to see if they continue this trend, or begin to take steps to lessen the impact of big money. The Montana State Supreme Court ruling in American Tradition Partnership, et al., v. Bullock gives them that chance.

The 2012 elections have already become notorious for billionaire and millionaire-backed super PACs and their huge influence in shaping the debate, while at the same time drowning out the voices of ordinary Americans. This case provides the Court an opportunity to stem the tide of big money influence that they brought on with their Citizens United ruling. The American people, in huge numbers, want big money out. It remains to be seen if the Court has seen the error of their ways.