Campaign 2012: All Big Money, All the Time

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While much of today's focus will center on the recall election in Wisconsin, the 2012 presidential race is sounding a familiar theme: money, money, money. Soon to be Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, is heading to Texas to raise campaign cash from his chief constiuency, millionaires and billionaires. Not to be outdone, President Obama spent last night in New York City, alongside former President Clinton, raising big bucks from Wall Street money men.

Talking Points Memo reports that one Obama event took place at a swank Manhattan townhouse owned by a billionaire hedge fund founder Marc Lasry. "Clinton and Obama spoke to about 50 wealthy donors, who each paid $40,000 to attend," according to the story. And Think Progress reports that Romney will raise money from billionaire and noted tax dodger Billy Joe McCombs.

These types of fundraising events are commonplace in presidential politics, but 2012 is seeing more of them than ever before. The big money arms race is on! 2012 is becoming the election year of billionaires and millionaires, and given the state of the economy, there's no doubt that the American people are growing increasingly disgusted at the amount of money being bandied about. Ordinary citizens already feel a disconnect from their elected representatives, and this type of fundraising from both sides certainly isn't going to help.