Shhhhh! Romney's Big Money Bundlers Remain a Secret

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On Saturday, the Washington Post editorialized on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's secret campaign bundlers, noting that "The difference between President Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney when it comes to fundraising is not only that Mr. Romney managed to outraise the president last month. A more troubling difference is that Mr. Romney provided almost no information about the key “bundlers” who helped his campaign vacuum up such huge sums."

In the piece, the Post cites Public Campaign Action Fund's research on the secret bundlers. "An analysis of Federal Election Commission filings by the Public Campaign Action Fund found that 25 lobbyists had bundled more than $3 million for the Romney campaign through April, including a Barclays Capital executive, Patrick Durkin, who was near the $1 million mark ($927,160.)."

Not only is Romney's campaign being buoyed by billionaires and millionaires who are funding the super PAC backing his candidacy, but he refuses to identify his big money bundlers. It's no secret that 1% donors are strongly behind Romney. It seems that, at least until he's asked the hard questions about his bundlers (perhaps not even then) , we'll remain in the dark on who exactly is corralling the big bucks for his campaign.