USA Today: 25 Percent of Romney's 1200 Bundlers Are From the Financial Sector

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In June, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign invited 100 of its top fundraisers to Park City, Utah for a retreat to meet with Romney and his staff and learn about campaign strategy. Those who raised more than $100,000 were expected to attend, according to the Washington Post.

The campaign, infamous for its secrecy, didn’t release a list of guests at the retreat. In fact, the campaign has refused to provide any information—unless required by law—about the wealthy men and women bundling money for the campaign.

The USA Today sheds some light on these donors today, in a report that analyzed data from the FEC, Sunlight Foundation, news stories, and campaign releases.

According to the story:

  • 1,200 people have bundled money for Romney’s campaign.
  • More than 300, or a full 25% of bundlers, work in the financial sector. That includes more than a dozen from Goldman Sachs.
  • 90 of these bundlers have also contributed $25,000 or more to Restore Our Future, the main super PAC working to elect Romney. In total, they have donated $18.4 million to the group.

The only bundlers the Romney campaign has made available are registered lobbyists, a disclosure that is required by law. Through the end of April, 25 lobbyists had bundled more than $3 million for Romney’s campaign.

The Obama campaign regularly provides its list of bundlers. Sen. John McCain made his available in 2008. President George W. Bush did the same.

We know more about the $250 donors to Romney’s campaign than the people raising $250,000 for it. These bundlers will have the access and influence in the campaign, and in a Romney administration. The American people deserve to know who they are.