President Obama Reaches 200th Fundraising Event

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With five fundraisers in Chicago on Sunday, President Barack Obama reached his 200th fundraising event since filing for re-election, according to USA Today. In fact, by day’s end, he’ll reach 203.

According to the USA Today report:

Obama's fundraising day in Chicago opens with a "small roundtable" for which guests paid $40,000 per ticket.

Then comes a youth reception -- "Gen44" -- for 850 people at the Bridgeport Arts Center; tickets for that one started at $51.

Obama later hosts a fundraiser at his house in Hyde Park. Another purpose of this particular event is to celebrate the president's birthday, which was Aug. 4. Tickets for this one cost $40,000 per person.

The day ends with fundraisers at two other private residences in Chicago -- one for $5,000 per person, the other for $1,000 per person.

President Obama hit the 100 fundraisers mark back in March with events in New York City.