PRESS RELEASE: How Will Romney and Obama address our big money system?

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Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today asking President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney how they would address our big money-dominated political system.

From the press release:

In light of Mitt Romney’s remarks this weekend about the presidential public financing system, both President Barack Obama and Gov. Romney should offer their plan to raise the voices of everyday people in our political process. As Romney said this weekend, candidates spending so much time raising money, "increases the potential of money having an influence in politics.”

Public Campaign Action Fund will launch a petition today to urge President Obama and Gov. Romney to provide their reform plan, available online at

This election will shatter spending records, with more influence than ever before from wealthy special interests and a handful of billionaires who will be looking for a return on their investments. Most Americans feel shut our of the process, and it will take presidential leadership to bring ordinary folks who can't write big checks back into the fold, and return our government to one that is of, by, and for the people.

We eagerly await your plans, Mr. President and Gov. Romney...