Declaration for Accountable Democracy

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Public Campaign Action Fund, Public Citizen, Common Cause, and People For The American Way--organizations representing hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens—announced a new campaign today urging federal candidates to declare their support for legislation to restore transparency and accountability in political spending, limit corrosive influence of big money on campaigns, make elections fair, and enhance the opportunity to participate.

The Declaration for Accountable Democracy will be sent to every candidate running for Congress in 2012, so voters will know which candidates are standing up for the big money status quo, and which ones want to put our democracy back in the hands of ordinary citizens, where it belongs.

Public Campaign Action Fund president & CEO Nick Nyhart on the announcement: 

“The American people have declared loud and clear that they are tired of their voices being drowned out by big money in our elections, and a government that’s accountable to special interests and not them. It’s time for candidates for Congress to go on the record in support of an accountable democracy, or defend the current big money environment.”

Our organizations will be working with the press, prominent and diverse leaders from across the political spectrum, state affiliates and organizations, activists from around the country, and other national groups to contact candidates to urge them to show their support for the Declaration. We will praise those who sign and push for those who do not support it to reconsider their positions.

Check out the press release here. And to learn more about the effort, go to: