Hudson and Rothfus: Young Guns or Super PAC Lapdogs?

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As reported in Monday’s Politico Influence, the conservative super PAC YG (Young Guns) Action Fund is planning a reception on Thursday to honor some of the new Republicans joining the House next year. Among the attendees expected to attend? Two representatives-elect that YG Action Fund spent millions on to get into office: Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) and Keith Rothfus (R-Pa.).

Hudson was the biggest beneficiary of YG Action Fund’s money, which spent over $2.2 million to boost his chances. The super PAC mostly spent money  attacking Hudson’s opponents, first Scott Keadle in the primary before turning its fire on incumbent Rep. Larry Kissell (D-N.C.) in the general election.

Likewise, Rothfus’s narrow 52-48 defeat of Rep. Mark Critz in Pennsylvania’s 12th District had a big assist from the $507,000 YG Action Fund sank into the race.

With these candidates being feted by the same super PAC that helped elect them, their close relationship puts the lie to the Supreme Court’s argument in Citizens United v. FEC that outside spending could not corrupt because it would be conducted by groups “wholly,” “totally,” and “truly” independent of candidates and parties.

These newly elected officials know that they needed to attract outside spending by YG Action Fund and other groups to get in office, and they’ll need more to stay there. Now, when affiliates of YG Action Fund or its donors—like Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, who accounted for 86 percent ($5 million) of the super PAC’s money—come calling, who do you think these new representatives will listen to?