NYT: Public Financing Required to Fight Corruption

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The New York Times is out with an editorial today on what reform in Albany must look like in the wake of yet another wave or corruption in New York politics. It's simple: changing Albany and fighting corruption requires public financing of elections.

From the editorial: "Of all the proposed reforms, the most critical is to open up elections so that voters have real choices. And that means creating a workable public financing system to encourage more candidates to come forward, much as New York City did almost 25 years ago."

The Fair Elections for New York campaign has been saying this for years, and momentum to finally end the culture of corruption in Albany with Fair Elections reform continues to build. This week, all over the state, house parties are taking place, and will continue throughout the legislative session. A massive petition drop is scheduled for next week, and a lobby day, which will bring to Albany New Yorkers from all over the state, will occur in May.

The sort of corruption we've seen in recent weeks is nothing new in New York, and the time is now to fight back with Fair Elections reform. Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved at fairelectionsny.org.