Major National Donors to Cuomo: Lead On Public Financing of Elections!

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The New York Times reports this morning on a letter sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo from about 140 major national donors urging him to push for small donor-based public financing of state elections this year. The message from this letter is clear: words aren't enough; it's time for Gov. Cuomo to lead on this issue.

From the article:

“I know what he says, but it’s time for deeds and not words anymore,” said Arnold Hiatt, the former chief executive of the Stride Rite footwear company and a longtime political donor. “I’m hoping he becomes the profile in courage that he could be..."

"...Public Campaign Action Fund, a national advocacy group, helped coordinate the letter from the donors, which was sent to the governor’s office last month but had not previously been made public. All told, the donors have raised or contributed at least $50 million for federal candidates and parties in recent years."

The Fair Elections for New York campaign is making a major push to pass small donor-based public financing in the final weeks of the legislative session. Efforts have gone on for months, including building grassroots pressure, events all over the state, and a concentrated lobbying push on key Senate targets (the State Assembly passed Fair Elections legislation a couple of weeks ago).

This direct appeal to Gov. Cuomo from political donors to stand up and fight for Fair Elections is another key component of the campaign, and shows that people of all stripes demand a state government that is accountable to the people, not big money interests.

If you're in New York and want to get involved in the campaign, go to to learn more.