PCAF Launches Ad in New York Criticizing Gov. Cuomo's Failure on Reform

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's failure to pass a comprehensive public financing system for state elections is the focus of a television ad Public Campaign Action Fund began airing on Saturday in the Buffalo and Syracuse media markets. The ad, "Plant," will run for 9 days on network and cable channels.

"Gov. Cuomo offered a bold plan to clean up Albany, but New York was left with just a fig leaf. The governor should live up to his own words and work with legislative leaders to pass a comprehensive public financing system for all state races as soon as possible," our executive director David Donnelly said in a statement.

See coverage of the ad in Mother Jones, Capital Tonight, and Capital New York.

In addition to the ad, we released polling showing that:

  • Sixty-eight percent of New Yorkers support the package of comprehensive reforms the governor failed to deliver, with just 18 percent opposed.
  • Even after an on-time budget, the Governor’s job approval numbers are upside-down, with 36 percent across the region saying he is doing an excellent or good job, and 63 percent saying he’s doing just fair or poor.
  • Likewise, Gov. Cuomo has a favorability issue with voters across the three markets, with 22 percent more New Yorkers viewing him unfavorably rather than favorably (30/52 percent).
  • On a series of traits about whether the Governor is viewed as “a reformer” or “has fixed state government,” he gets decidedly mixed results. Sixty-nine percent say that the phrase “makes decisions primarily based on politics” describes him very well or pretty well.
  • Lastly, fully 81 percent of New Yorkers in the three media markets believe corruption has stayed the same or gotten worse since Governor Cuomo was elected. Just 12 percent believed it had been reduced.