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Demand Fair Elections for New York


We all agree that New York’s campaign finance system is broken. While most of New York’s elected officials go to Albany for the right reasons, too often big money interests drown out the voices of everyday New Yorkers. It’s time to change the way politics works in Albany. Sign our petition and help us put democracy back in the hands of the people.


Tell Mitch McConnell: Return the Amgen Donations Now!

Hunter Bates, a longtime aide to Sen. Mitch McConnell, donated $3,000 to McConnell’s campaign in December while he was on contract with pharmaceutical giant Amgen to lobby on “fiscal cliff issues,” according to recently released FEC reports. Soon after, Amgen received a potential $500 million dollar windfall in the fiscal cliff deal that was negotiated by Sen. McConnell. We cannot let corruption like this stand. Join us in calling on Senator McConnell to return all PAC and lobbyists donations from Amgen.

  • Become a Citizen Co-sponsor of the Fair Elections Now Act

    Tired of big money interests dominating our politics? We can fight back with the Fair Elections Now Act! Send a message to Congress by joining thousands of others around the country in becoming a Citizen Co-sponsor of Fair Elections.