Colorado Recall

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Public Campaign Action Fund has launched a TV advertisement in this year's Colorado recall election revealing Bernie Herpin's past record of attending junkets on the public's dime—and then trying to hide the evidence. Read Public Campaign Action Fund's press release announcing the ad to learn more about the campaign.

You can donate to help keep this ad on the air and let voters know what their choices really are.



Narrator: "For most of us a utility bill is just another dent in our pocketbook, but for Bernie Herpin, it's a chance to travel in style.

Narrator: "On the Council, Herpin went on a $25,000 utility junket paid for by us, the ratepayers.

Validation: “Colorado Springs Utilities ratepayers are funding a two-day, $25,000 tour for 74 elected officials and community leaders to get a first-hand look at the city’s water system. Participants include City Councilman Bernie Herpin, El Paso County Commissioner Dennis Hisey and state Rep. Janak Joshi, all of whom have gone on the tour in years past, according to documents obtained by The Gazette.” [The Gazette, 9/6/12]

Narrator: "When the controversy came to light, Herpin tried to hide the evidence from the taxpayers.

Validation: “A Colorado Springs city councilman is refusing to make public emails in which the El Paso County treasurer takes him to task for going on another ratepayer-funded water tour and asking the city clerk to redraw council districts in his favor. Councilman Bernie Herpin said he considers the emails personal communication with his mentor and longtime friend, El Paso County Treasurer Bob Balink.” [The Gazette, 9/11/12]
Validation: “City Councilman Bernie Herpin said he deleted a recent email in which El Paso County Treasurer Bob Balink chastised him for asking the city clerk to redraw council districts to his advantage.” [The Gazette, 9/12/12]

Narrator: "If the recall succeeds, he'll be our state senator. Say no to the recall. Say no to Bernie Herpin."