Dave Camp Will Raise Money from Lobbyists Hours Before Looking at Their Client’s Tax Loopholes

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Washington, D.C.—Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) will hold a fundraiser Wednesday with the same corporate interests he will be looking at as part of his role in the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, according to campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund.

“Just hours after taking thousands of dollars in campaign cash from these special interests, Rep. Camp and his colleagues will begin negotiations on finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund. “If only Michigan seniors could make write four-figure checks to tell Rep. Camp not to cut Medicare.”

On Wednesday night, Rep. Camp is scheduled to attend a fundraiser hosted by a number of Washington, D.C. lobbyists and special interests, according to an invite obtained by the Sunlight Foundation. Many have a stake in the outcome of the committee’s work.

  • Pfizer PAC is listed as a host for the event. Other than the Veterans Administration, federal law prohibits the U.S. government from using bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. That prohibition could be on the table as part of supercommittee negotiations. Camp received $10,000 from Pfizer’s PAC and executives in the 2010 cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
  • Another host is Susan Hirschmann, Tom DeLay’s former chief of staff. Her clients include the American Bankers Association, General Electric, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Tax loopholes that Wall Street banks, GE, and many of the U.S. Chamber’s big corporate members receive will be part of supercommittee negotiations. Camp has received $4,500 from GE’s PAC.
  • Sally Vastola, a lobbyist for Nixon Peabody, is listed as a host. One of her clients is Verizon, a telecommunications company concerned about the federal government’s sale of broadcast spectrum. Supercommittee members could see the sale of this spectrum as a major revenue generator. In 2010, Camp received $6,000 from Verizon’s PAC and executives.

“Dave Camp’s lobbyist fundraiser illustrates why supercommittee members must give up all fundraising as they work out a deficit reduction package,” said Donnelly. “This plan should be based on what’s best for the American people, not what’s best for the bank accounts of Washington politicians.”