Watchdog: We Stand With Occupy Wall Street

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Statement by Public Campaign Action Fund on Occupy Wall Street and other actions around the country

The economic collapse didn't happen by accident. Billions of dollars in campaign cash from Wall Street CEOs and executives bought federal and state policies that allowed their greed to go unchecked for a decade. They drove the economy off a cliff and put millions of Americans out of work. Now Wall Street is back to the days of million dollar bonuses as if they're not to blame, while regular Americans are saddled with debt, and fear losing their homes.

The protestors on Wall Street and in cities across the country know our political system has been bought and paid for by big money and corporate interests. Our core mission at Public Campaign Action Fund is to raise the voice of everyday people in the political process.

In addition to occupying Wall Street, we need to occupy democracy. In a democracy occupied by everyday people, big donors and corporate special interests wouldn’t drown out the voices of the rest of us.

In a democracy occupied by everyday people, politicians would consult their constituents and their consciences, not their campaign donors; corporate money wouldn’t dominate elections and public policy debates; politicians would encourage voting, not pass laws to obstruct it.

That’s why we stand in solidarity with those participating in Occupy Wall Street. We need a democracy that works for all Americans—not just for the Wall Street CEOs who can write big checks to politicians. We need a democracy that rebuilds the American dream and works for the 99 percent of us who can’t afford to make large campaign contributions.