Georgia Rep. Westmoreland Explicitly Sells Access to Office

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Washington, D.C.—The National Journal reported this evening that in a fundraising letter, Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R) informed his donors that he will only have once-a-quarter events from now on but that “participation in my one quarterly event will also include a meeting of your choice outside of this event. That meeting will be at your discretion and convenience.  Coffee, breakfast, dinner- let me know what works for you and we will accommodate.” This is a brazen case of selling access for cash, according to campaign watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund.

"Lynn Westmoreland's offer of private meetings for CEOs and lobbyists in exchange for money is outrageous. If it isn't illegal, it should be. Trading your office for cash may make for easy fundraising, but the Congress is supposed to belong to the people, not their big money donors.

“Westmoreland is almost right about one thing when he says ‘the current system is not working for anyone.’ It's working for the one percent, and that's a very good reason to change it.”


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