Mike Fitzpatrick's Earmarks Highlight What's Wrong With Congress

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Washington, D.C.—Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick’s (R-Pa.) tariff earmarks for campaign donors highlight what’s wrong with Congress and he should provide a full accounting of his contact with those donors regarding the bills, according to national campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund. Roll Call reports today that Fitzpatrick has introduced eight tariff measures that would benefit a company whose donors have given thousands to his campaigns.

“Look no further than Mike Fitzpatrick to see why the American people have such a low opinion of Congress,” said Nick Nyhart, president of Public Campaign Action Fund. “This appears to be another special favor for a campaign donor, the kind of influence regular people just don’t get.”

According to Roll Call, Fitzpatrick has introduced eight bills that would benefit United Color Manufacturing, a company whose owners have donated more than $26,000 to Fitzpatrick over the years and $150,000 to Republican candidates and party organizations. More specifically, “On March 30, about one month before Fitzpatrick introduced the eight bills, Nowakowski, his wife, Carmella, and his son Thomas Jr. donated $5,500 to Fitzpatrick.”

Fitzpatrick faced controversy last January, on the first day of the new Congress, for missing his swearing-in ceremony because he was raising money in the Capitol Visitors Center.

“Fitzpatrick’s office of course denies any quid pro quo, but he should provide a full accounting of contact he’s had with these donors—at fundraisers and his campaign office—to let his constituents decide for themselves,” said Nyhart.

Fitzpatrick has a fundraiser scheduled in Washington, D.C. tomorrow.


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