Supreme Court Grants Mitch McConnell's Request To Provide Views on Contribution Limits

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Washington, D.C.—The Supreme Court’s decision to grant Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) request to have his views heard on contribution limits will provide an opportunity for Kentucky voters to see their senator focused on the needs of his wealthy campaign donors instead of everyday people.

“Sen. McConnell continues to use his position in Washington to fight for the wealthy and well-connected,” said David Donnelly, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “Urging the Court to throw out contribution limits is a message to the wealthiest of wealthy donors: Mitch has your back.”

In October, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in McCutcheon v. FEC, a challenge to aggregate contribution limits, the total amount an individual can give—across candidates and committees—each election cycle. Sen. McConnell requested that his views on the matter, which are to get rid of all limits, not just the aggregate cap, be heard during the arguments. On Friday, the Court granted that request.

Currently, individuals can give a total of $123,200 to federal candidates and committees per election cycle, roughly three times the median household income in Kentucky. If McConnell’s views were law, a single person could give an unlimited amount directly to a federal candidate or committee.

Two-dozen organizations representing millions of Americans signed friend of the court briefs in support of the aggregate limits. As one brief organized by Campaign Legal Center notes, the McCutcheon challengers “turn a blind eye to the real-world consequences of eliminating the aggregate limits, and disregard the ways the limits continue to advance the governmental interest in preventing corruption and the appearance of corruption, as well as in deterring circumvention of the base contribution limits.”

“Senator McConnell is planting a giant 'For Sale' sign on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol,” said Donnelly. “And he’s giving Kentucky voters a clear example of who he’s working for in Washington: the lobbyists, CEOs, and special interests that want to spend unlimited sums to get their preferred candidates elected.”


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