PRESS RELEASE: Watchdog Applauds New Bill to Raise Voices of Everyday People in the Political Process

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Sarbanes, Pelosi, 100+ House Members to Introduce Government By the People Act
Washington, D.C. - Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund applauded the introduction of the Government By the People Act, legislation to give everyday Americans a bigger voice in the political process.
The bill, written by Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) was introduced Wednesday at a press conference with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, several members of Congress, and representatives of some of the 30-plus national organizations endorsing the bill. It has over 100 original cosponsors.
“Congressman John Sarbanes should be applauded for his bold plan to put our elections back in the hands of everyday Americans,” said Nick Nyhart, president and CEO of Public Campaign. “Our democracy is under siege by big money campaign donors and the American people want action. By reducing the influence of wealthy donors and raising the voices of everyday Americans, the Government By the People Act would transform our campaign finance system."
The Government By the People Act would allow candidates for Congress to run competitive campaigns for office by relying on small donations from people back home. It would make elected officials accountable to their constituents, instead  of big money donors.
Here’s how it would work:
-       To encourage participation, people could receive a $25 My Voice tax credit for their small donation.
-       Participating candidates can super size their small donations through the Freedom from Influence Fund. Donations of $1 to $150 would be matched on a six-to-one basis.
-       Candidates who raise additional small donations during the last sixty days of the election can receive additional funds to ensure they have the resources to compete against    outside attacks.

“Americans feel marginalized by a political system fueled by, and bent toward, a few wealthy interests,” said David Donnelly, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “To rebuild public trust and to encourage all Americans of every background to participate, the Government By the People Act turns the financing of elections over to ordinary Americans. When this passes, it will mean schoolteachers, secretaries, and small business owners can support the candidate of their choice without getting drowned out.”
More than 30 civil rights, labor, environmental, good government, and public interest groups have already endorsed the organization. Learn more at
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