David Donnelly, Executive Director

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David DonnellyDavid Donnelly, Executive Director, Public Campaign Action Fund

David Donnelly is a 20-year veteran of money-in-politics campaigns, He has managed dozens of policy campaigns at both the state and federal level and has pioneered ground breaking political accountability approaches to educate voters about candidates who stand in the way of reform. Before co-founding Friends of Democracy in 2012 he played key strategic and management roles in major money-and-politics initiatives since the mid-1990s. In 2002, He joined Public Campaign Action Fund, where he currently serves as its executive director.

David has also helped to craft winning strategies on campaign finance reform policy victories in seven states, including managing the ballot campaign to pass Maine’s landmark Clean Elections law in 1996. Other wins include running a multi-year, national campaign to drive Tom DeLay out of elective office; implementing more than a dozen other issue advertising campaigns that led to reformer victories; and helping to elect four U.S. Senators through independent expenditure campaigns.

He is a nationally recognized analyst and his commentary is often featured in the nation’s leading newspapers, wire services, and electronic media.