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Will a Vice President Paul Ryan Do Sheldon Adelson’s Bidding Like Tom DeLay Did?

Washington, D.C.— As Paul Ryan, the new Republican vice-presidential running mate for Mitt Romney appears in Las Vegas for a fundraiser at Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian casino today, campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund asks: Would a Vice President Paul Ryan take Shel Adelson’s phone call and carry out Adelson’s wishes like Tom Delay did?

Watchdog: Romney campaign charge on Bain money boomerangs

Washington, D.C.—Campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund released the following statement in response to the Romney campaign’s attack on President Obama’s money from Bain employees.

Statement from David Donnelly, Executive Director:

Watchdog: Contractor Donations Show Need for Executive Order

Washington, D.C.—A new Los Angeles Times report on government contractors giving money to a group supporting Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential run highlights the need for immediate action by President Barack Obama and his administration to enforce the law and increase transparency of these types of donations.

Obama Must Provide Muscular Plan to Save Our Ailing Democracy

Washington, D.C.—President Obama’s decision to green-light super PAC money in support of his re-election means that talk is no longer enough and he must provide—and execute—a muscular plan to save our ailing democracy, said campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund.

Statement from Nick Nyhart, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund and David Donnelly, national campaigns director:

Mitt Romney: Let’s Hand Our Elections Fully Over to the 1%

Washington, D.C.—In clarifying his remarks on campaign finance laws today, Mitt Romney made it clear—he wants our elections handed completely over to an elite set of wealthy Americans, according to campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund. This morning, Romney said, “we’d be a lot wiser to say you can give what you’d like to a campaign.”

What Will Leading Presidential Candidates Say About Bank of America’s Fees?

The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread across the country but the Republican presidential candidates want to repeal the financial reform legislation passed after Wall Street wrecked the economy. With anger over Wall Street's influence growing, what do the leading presidential candidates think about Bank of America's new debit card fee?

Lots of BofA Customers in Four Early States: 345 Branches, 652 ATMs