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Watchdog Group Calls On Congress To Stand Up To Campaign Cash And Call For Congressional News Corp. Investigation

Washington, D.C.—Public Campaign Action Fund responded to the campaign finance filings of the News Corp political action committee (PAC), News America PAC, for the month of June.

The News America PAC gave $52,500 to the campaign committees or leadership PAC of 18 members of Congress and two other political action committees in the month of June, including the maximum contributions to House Speaker John Boehner’s leadership PAC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Watchdog: Don’t let News Corp Donations Sway Congressional Investigations

Washington, D.C.-Public Campaign Action Fund launched a campaign today calling on members of Congress to fully investigate the possibility that News Corp hacked the telephone records of Americans and to stand firm against the millions of dollars in campaign cash and lobbying fees News Corp. and its employees have used to influence Washington.