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Washington, DC - Public Campaign Action Fund released the following statement from its National Campaigns Director David Donnelly today:


"A season of scandal continues to rock the public's faith in Congress as an institution. Americans have good reason to believe that members of Congress reward themselves and pay back their donors at the expense of doing the people's business.


"Court documents exposed that the FBI found $90,000 in a freezer during a raid of Rep. William Jefferson's home, and that the federal authorities have a videotape of the congressman taking $100,000 in cash from an informant. In addition, a campaign donor and a former aide have pled guilty to corruption charges.


"Rep. Jefferson has responded to these charges with defiance rather than humility. The governor of Louisiana has indicated she can call a special election at any time if Rep. Jefferson resigns. The people of his district - particularly as New Orleans is recovering - need a representative fully attentive to defending them, not defending himself in court.


"The voters of Louisiana's Second Congressional District deserve better. They need a leader and an advocate who can commit to focusing on the needs of New Orleans. Rep. Jefferson ought to resign immediately."


Public Campaign Action Fund is a national nonpartisan organization working to advance comprehensive public financing of elections. PCAF also campaigns to hold elected officials accountable for doing special favors for political backers. It led a campaign to educate the public inside and outside of former Majority Leader Tom DeLay's congressional district regarding DeLay's unethical and corrupt actions.